A Halloween Night

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Uncategorized


Three dates mark the throne of darkness over this earth. Three dates, throughout the centuries, have opened doors and portals for the enthronement of powers and governors in our nations. Three dark dates… Three dates that unfortunately Christians also celebrate…

Halloween marks the start for the strongest dates of the calendar of darkness, followed by Satan’s birthday, November 1-2-3, also known as: The day of the dead. Everything ends in the most important pagan and syncretistic holiday, December 25th, the birth of the sun god, the celebration of Nimrod and his son… or as Christians call it: Christmas.

Today I will only be talking briefly about what many celebrate this night…

If people wandering lost in the darkness celebrate Halloween, I´m glad for them; however, what confuses me are those who claim they serve God, but celebrate such a pagan festivity.

There is no such thing as an innocent October 31st party. From something at home to a planned ritual, you celebrate a holiday that honors Satan himself as a prelude of his birthday in the following 3 days. If you do not agree with me, then enjoy your celebration… Do not be mad at me for preaching the light… Remember that the truth will set us free, but it will not force us. Let me share the following story.

Juana was a very religious and good person all her life. She came to the feet of Christ at an early age and never strained from the path of light. A lot of years went by, and a Halloween night her husband came home almost at midnight. He did not turn the living room or hallway lights in order not to wake up his wife; this way he walked to the room to sleep next to Juana.

The bedroom’s door was open, and as he entered he saw his wife levitating over the bed, spinning as if she was a hand of the clock. Scared, he ran towards her and with all his strength he pushed her down unto the bed. As she lied on the bed, the woman opened her eyes slowly, she looked at her husband, and said: “The ram comes today”. With this said, she slept as if nothing had happened.

The next morning, as expected, Juana did not remember anything. A meeting with her pastor would reveal the reason, the open door over Juana´s life.

  • Something of this nature has to have an open door in your life. – Said the pastor.
  • But pastor… Ï have been a healthy woman… I have never practiced witchcraft or anything like that. I have a happy marriage and my family has served God for centuries.

For a moment they doubted the husband´s testimony, who walked around the office like a trapped wolf.

  • I know what I saw… I know what I heard.

Silence took over the office of the religious man. With a bit of fear, the husband looked at his beloved wife and said:

  • My love, in your cousin´s costume party, did anything happen?

The pastor reclined over his chair, knowing that they had found the open door to whatever had oppressed Juana the night before.

                –  Yes, but they were only innocent games.

                –   Juana, –said the pastor- just by being part of an innocent party, you paid tribute to the guest of honor of the night.

Juana thought, amazed that such an innocent party could cause and oppression that terrible over her life.

  • Juana, what did you play that night?

Slowly, Juana looked directly into the Pastor’s and her husband´s eyes, and said:

  • Bloody Mary

I won’t explain the game, since it is of public knowledge what it consists of. That afternoon´s liberation wasn’t as the others I have described in my previous blog entries. No one jumped, no one bled, no one screamed, no one´s head turned around; but it seemed interesting that anything in this darkness days of the year can open a door.

Happy Halloween to those confused Christians.


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